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Does work life balance exist for Healthcare workers?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

May 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has accentuated the often-chronic issues of understaffing and overworking in the healthcare industry. With more than half of all clinicians facing burnout at some point during their career, it poses the question of how to strike balance between an ambitious work life and a healthy home life.

Creating right work-life balance isn’t always as simple as walking out the door at the end of your shift. Emails, text messages, and constant updates can make turning the healthcare provider switch off nearly impossible. But failure to switch off isn’t just detrimental to your own mental and physical health. Patients at the care of a burnout provider are also at risk, adding another depth to the danger of failing to find balance.

Yes, work-life balance is possible in medicine but in today’s day and age, it looks different. Instead of balance, we need to strive for a better blend. But how?

Balance means something different to each individual, and it can evolve over time. We spoke with a few of our clients to see what work life balance looks like for them and here is what they said.

*Time Management- Better managing your time and how you spend it is one way to achieve work-life balance. In the beginning of every week, create a weekly calendar and map out your priorities, including work, exercise, family time, and personal time.

*Develop Stronger Relationships with Family and Friends- Scheduling regular dinners with friends or a weekly group activity with your family is a great way to keep in touch and stay connected.

“Working in healthcare is difficult, and your schedule and availability may vary. However, as long as you stick to the plan of having regular outings with your people outside of work, you will be one step closer to achieving work-life balance. And your loved ones will appreciate it, too.” Dr. Choi, Orthopedic Surgeon, Houston, TX *Have a Good Self Care Routine- While it’s important to have a social life, it’s also vital to remember to have some quality “you time” whenever possible. After all, work-life balance begins and ends with you. Whether it’s exercise, enjoying your favorite show on Netflix, or browsing your local bookstore to find your next treasure, this is your time. *Use a Staffing agency to alleviate staffing challenges- People are the pinnacle of your business. Staffing agencies perform recruitment and selection processes for organizations that don’t have the time, expertise or resources necessary to manage the employment processes.

"Business owners get bogged down with staffing agency costs; this is a short sighted approach. As a mid size business owner, working with a staffing agency such as Elsun MedStaff has been an investment for our business and played a role in achieving work life balance. Not only do we get to work with subject matter experts who have a large network/pool of candidates and has good knowledge of the market, we also get to save time and cost which we get to invest back into our business. Most small to medium sized business owners know the frustration of spending more time than they want on non-revenue generating activities. What business owners tend to forget is that we need to spend less time working in the business and more time on the business. Working with staffing agency helps us compartmentalize our time and efforts which is another way we get to work towards a work life balance. " -Dr. Adams, Plastic Surgeon Houston, TX

ABOUT ELSUN MEDSTAFF The team at Elsun has been serving the healthcare industry since 2010 in the Houston, TX Medical Center and surrounding Areas. We are passionate about Healthcare and believe in the ultimate "patient experience" which is obtained through High Quality Patient Care and High Quality Customer service. We help organizations maximize results and ensure competitive advantage in the marketplace by implementing innovative strategies that are designed to enhance your employee retention rate and recruit fresh talent. We collaborate with our partners to gain a deep understanding of your operational goals and challenges to provide support to suit your practice’s unique needs.

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