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Direct Hire Placement 

Initial Call

Choose one of our areas of specialization to initiate a search for a highly qualified healthcare professional. 

Initial Conversation

One of our experienced search or staffing experts will discuss your organization’s ideal candidate profile, core job responsibilities, and unique departmental and organizational objectives, ensuring we acquire all pertinent details.

Search Activation |  Resource Deployment | Identification | Validation

Once we have established your job criteria, employers can capitalize on a highly developed and expansive national network of specialized talent, with minimal downtime.  The validation process consists of verifying professional references, education, certification, and licensure as well as other criteria that might be specific to your organization’s pre-employment requirements.

Client's Presentation

After successfully completing our initial vetting process, candidates will be presented with a current resume and a professional summary prepared exclusively for evaluation in meeting the client’s direct-hire search specifications. 

Candidate Contact

Once a client decides which candidate(s) they’re interested in, a designated Account Manager will work with their team to coordinate phone, video or on-site interviews. We also de-brief the selected candidates after each client interaction to address their questions and facilitate a mutually substantive interview experience.

Selection | Offer Negotiations

A Elsun Account Manager works closely with our clients in the management of the offer process. This includes presentation, negotiation, and final candidate closure right through their first day on the job.


We are your success champions! 
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