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Samantha K. 

“Nittasha is amazing!  She really helped me focus on my strengths when I was struggling to to switch industries from Oil & Gas to Healthcare. She helped me stay focused on the positive things I could offer and see how much I really could do to improve my career search. She helped by taking responsibility for the search activities and calling on resources to guide me in my search, resume creation, and interview processes. I was able to discover my true potential and begin my journey into Healthcare."

Morgan J.

“ Nittasha  is an exceptional executive coach.  Her undivided attention is refreshing and working with her is indeed an experience.   She is incredibly sharp, insightful, articulate, and 100% present. She  can connect seemingly disparate dots with ease, shift gears on a dime to make optimal use of finite time, and continually exceed high expectations with respect to business insights. She embodies the concept of a Trusted Advisor.”

Lisa D.

"Nittasha is a top tier career coach. The level of targeted practical advice she offers is extremely valuable. She is a great listener, and always has valuable suggestions. She is a quick thinker, and offers great insights to help her clients. I would highly recommended Elsun Career Counseling Services.  Nittasha is positive, energetic, creative and supportive and with her help/support I was able to transition into my dream career."


Elsun Career Coaching

Why choose a Career Coach?

Our Healthcare Career Coach has an understanding of various positions and roles within the healthcare realm Including clinical and non clinical roles.  Our Coach will invest time in you to understand what peaks your curiosity. They will guide you towards roles and opportunities that align with your interests and goals.  Your personal Career Coach will  lead you towards a rewarding journey in your healthcare career.  You will not just be making a wise career move; you will be changing the quality of your life by working in one of the most lucrative and fulfilling industries, healthcare! 


Our process

The Career Coach will be more than just a consultant to you.  They will meet with you to understand your strengths and will assist you in recognizing your passion.  We will have you take an assessment to help you recognize your traits and thoroughly explain the results of your assessment test to you which will give you clarity as to how to proceed with your career goals.  Once your career path has been recognized, we will help you in finding a program or position near you so that you can start your career path.  It doesn't end there, our Career Coach is also your very own Resume Writer and Interview Coach all in one!  Your success is our success! 

Our obligation

We have had formal training in career theory and career advising. We will provide you with excellent resources so you have concrete information to help you make short- and long-term decisions and gain comfort in all that comes with planning for getting that job through college courses, and job searches. Our clients have shared that working with our career coach has improved confidence and provided hope for the future.  We are passionate about motivating you, giving you the tools and skills so that you can SOAR in your Career! 

            Our Goals is to:

  • Unlock your true potential

  • Understand your unique contributions

  • Discover lasting career fulfillment

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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